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Entered between (Client)
And AKH Media House (also referred as AKH) AKH Media House enters into this agreement/contract in good faith and commits to uphold every set condition detailed in this document. No part of this document shall be changed without a written consent from both parties entered into the agreement.
Details of agreement:
1. AKH hold rights over all work specified in this agreement, however shall forfeit all rights immediately after the full payment for the rendered services has been paid by the client;

2. AKH shall not render any services for the client before a down payment equalling 50% of the total service fee has been paid by the client;

 3. AKH shall only release or deliver the product or content of this agreement after the full payment is made by the client;

4. Once full payment is made, the client will assume full rights of the content of this agreement and the content shall be deemed as intellectual property of the client;

5. The client gives AKH the right and permission to use part content of this agreement for marketing and display purposes; YES NO

6. If the above answer is yes, AKH shall use the part content on its website, portfolio and office wall, and shall not distribute the content to a third part without the consent of the client;

7. The client has the right to specify the part content AKH can use and also has the right to refuse any use of the content;
I , ID number on behalf of client agree to the terms and conditions of this contract and shall uphold every stipulated term of this agreement.

1. A 50% booking fee for the requested package shall be paid to finalise booking arrangement.

2. Deposit fee is payable a day before commencement of work and no work shall be carried without a full deposit payment. The total service fee is payable before or during collection of services items;

3. The agreeable service amount only covers an 8 hours normal services time and any time outside the 8 hours shall be regathered as overtime, which is payable at a R 250 per hour service rate, unless otherwise stated;